We invest in SME Small and Medium Enterprises to achieve great growth.

ATIUD invests in Search Funds, SMEs, and Startups to make them grow.

We offer our investees capital, know-how and support. We provide support, providing direct work when needed. We help you complete your project. We believe in the union of the best.

SMEs: Invest and participate in development

ATIUD invests in SMEs with growth potential. We are focused in B2B companies with technology at its core.


START UP: Invest in projects led by great teams

ATIUD invest in Startups at an early stage, led by entrepreneurs with ambition, passion, and skills to bring them to a global expansion. We look for startups with an innovative product or a technology business idea


SEARCH FUNDS: Buy, Manage, and Develop a single Company

Through SEARCH FUNDS, Atiud invests in companies with a recurring income from 3 to 20 million euros, and profits from 1 to 3 million euros per year.

Through this type of fund, ATIUD finances and collaborates in the search, acquisition, and management of a profitable, small-funded company.

 Investment criteria:

  • Benefits and growth records
  • Margen > 15%
  • EBITDA from 1 to 3 million euro
  • 60% of recurring revenue
  • Small Capex
  • High cash generation
  • Fragmented and growhing industry (minimum 2x GPD)


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